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Q- B. Illy (the student formally known as Billy) asks: Why do smokers have blackened lungs?

A- Well B. Illy, smokers have black lungs for two reasons. Number one, when someone smokes a cigarette they are really just taking in poisons, tar, and Nicotine. The tar gradually collects inside one's lungs forming black deposits all over their lungs. The addicting nicotine keeps them smoking, making the tar deposits inside their lungs thicker and thicker. Secondly, your lungs have no way of getting rid of this deadly substance, making it easier for the blackness to overcome a person. DON'T SMOKE!

   To add some quick facts about how bad smoking is I have researched the following:

   -smoking kills approximately 430,700 Americans in one year

   -Health-care bills from smoking in the US cost the country $97.2 billion dollars a year

   -cigarettes contain 101 poisons!!!!!!!!

   -cigarettes contain 63 cancer causing elements

   -Smoking is a major cause of: Lung Cancer, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Coronary Heart Disease, and a factor of strokes.

Statistics from the American Lung Association